David Mapother
("Hardcore" Jack)

A graduate of San Francisco State Univeristy, David Mapother's gift for comedic timing  has led to appearances in network TV comedy, webseries, fringe theatre  and national commercials.  He has also produced several webseries and short films, as well as various stage productions around Los Angeles, including SCARFACE: THE MUSICAL and the webseries STUDIO CITY. 

Chris O'Neill
(Kaze Brown)

After trainining with the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain, Chris O'Neill studied Film at San Franciso State University and the University of East Anglia.  He has developed  scripts with Tapestry Films, the UK Film Commission and a variety of Hollywood producers and production companies.  His script AFFECTION earned a place in the prestigious Nichols Fellowship semi-finals.  He has appeared in various TV and stage productions and trained with The Second City in Los Angeles.  ABSOLUTE DEBAUCHERY is his feature writing directing debut. r. Selecting 'Edit Text' from this menu will also allow you to edit the text within this text box. Remember to keep your wording friendly, approachable and easy to understand as if you were talking to your customer

Diane Yang
(Mei Chen)

Diane Yang plays Mei Chen, the free spirited, mischievous sister of ruthless drug dealer and part time hitman Jimmy Chen (Jesse JAM Miranda).  With a taste for trouble and a love of debauchery, Mei slowly reveals the troubled and broken hearted woman behind the party girl exterior.  Miss Yang has appeared on various TV shows from NCIS to NIP/TUCK.

Jesse JAM Miranda
(JImmy Chen)

Jesse JAM Miranda plays street lord Jimmy Chen with intensity and realism.  An active figure in the Asian acting community in Los Angeles, he has appared in various TV shows and webseries.  A trained martial artist and stuntman, he excels at larger than life characters and brings a gravitas to every role.

Jo Mani

Jo Mani plays the rich, scheming and utterly amoral wife of Harvey The Surgeon (Nick Howell).  A veteran of independent film, both as an actor and producer, and with numerous TV and film credits to her name, her background in comedy makes her an intriguing, mischievous and often scene stealing presence.   

Nick Howell
(Harvey "The Surgeon")

Nick Howell plays Harvey "The Surgeon", a man with all the money, cars and social status that come with his high paying job.  He's also a depraved, misogynist drug fiend at constant war with his trophy wife Sera (Jo Mani).  Mr Howell also serves as Producer and DP on ABSOLUTE DEBAUCHERY, handling complex one shot takes and camera moves with style, helping create the film's hyper-real and gritty look.

Nichole Joubert

Nichole A Joubert plays Kayla, the delicate and cautious potential amour of "Hardcore" Jack.  Wary of Jack and the seedy world he lives in, she keeps her guard up but her curiosity towards him draws her deeper in to his world.

Jean Lupien
("Mrs Brown")

Jean Lupien plays Kaze's ice queen Mother.  A woman with too much money and far too much time, she rarely visits reality and creates her own world depending on her mood.  Jean Lupien is an accomplished veteran of TV and independent film and a professional stuntperson.

David Claxton
(Malibu Cam)

David Claxton plays the suave and smooth criminal Malibu Cam.  A man with "his fingers in a lot of pies," able to get fake passports, contraband and anything your wallet can pay for.  David Claxton has a background in modelling and makes his feature debut as the slick and dangerous Malibu Cam.

Thomas Threats
("Vicious" Jackson)

Thomas Threats brings his background as a professional Bouncer and bodyguard to his role as "Vicious" Jackson, the private security one man army who protects crime lord Malibu Cam.  Thomas's imposing presence and realism makes him a believable adversary in the criminal underworld of ABSOLUTE DEBAUCHERY.

James "B-Tip" Brown

James 'B-Tip" Brown plays Cleetus, the cocaine obsessed, home invader specialist who prefers not to pay for his drugs.  A man of small stature and enormous threat, he takes what he wants when he wants it- even if it happens to belong to someone else.  And is in their apartment.  While they're out.  "B-Tip" is an accomplished comedian and music artist and has a considerable following in Southern California.  

Michael Saldate
(Mongo Velazquez)

Michael Saldate studied acting at San Francisco State University and has appeared in various roles on TV, along with extensive stage work.  His character, Mongo, is a bumbling thug of a card player with a penchant for stolen goods and an unfortunate sideline in getting beaten up. 

Moiika Stanley

Moiika Stanley plays Yolanda, the on/off girlfriend of "Hardcore" Jack.  Fast with a put down- and faster with a meat cleaver- she is a ferociously independent woman who demands respect- and gets it. 

Rochelle Carino
Costume Designer

Rochelle Carino has styled  commercials for Cadillac, Samsung, Garnier and many more top brand names for nationwide ad campaigns.  Her design work can be seen in Sia's "Lyric" music video and  she has been featured in UK Vogue.   Her inspiration for the costumes in ABSOLUTE DEBAUCHERY were drawn from touchpoints  as diverse as Michael Douglas in BLACK RAIN, Mel Gibson in PAYBACK and Jeff Bridges in THUNDERBOLT & LIGHTFOOT to create  a timeless,  gritty criminal style.

Jennifer Brooks
Producer/Casting Director

Jennifer Brooks is a graduate of San Francisco State University and hails from Northern California.  She has worked in casting for TV shows and independent film for several years, with credits on TEEN WOLF,  AMERICAN HORROR STORY and THE EXORCIST. 

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